ALL OF EGYPT – Experience two cruises in one week

On this round trip, you will enjoy two cruises – four nights on the Nile and three nights on Lake Nasser, where you will experience the temples moved by UNESCO due to the construction of Aswan High Dam. We also give you the choice where to spend the last 5 nights; either in the city of Cairo, in the historic Luxor, or at the seaside resort Hurghada.

Abu Simbel

Program Overview
Day 1. (Thursday): Arrival Cairo
Day 2. (Friday): Cairo excursion Giza-Pyramids & Egyptian Museum
Day 3. (Saturday): Fly Cairo – Luxor, check in cruise
Day 4. (Sunday): Luxor excursion, sailing Luxor-Esna
Day 5. (Monday): Sailing Esna-Edfu-Kom Ombo
Day 6. (Tuesday): Aswan
Day 7. (Wednesday): Drive Aswan – Abu Simble
Day 8. (Thursday): Sailing Abu Simble – Kasr Ibrim – Amada
Day 9. (Friday): Sailing Wadi Seboa – Aswan
Day 10. (Saturday): Aswan – your choice of Aswan/Luxor/Hurghada/Cairo
Day 11. (Sunday): Stay in Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada or Cairo with breakfast
Day 12. (Monday): Stay in Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada or Cairo with breakfast
Day 13. (Tuesday): Stay in Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada or Cairo with breakfast
Day 14. (Wednesday): Stay in Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada or Cairo with breakfast
Day 15. (Thursday): Final Departure

Detailed Program

Day 1 (Thursday): Arrival Cairo
Our representative welcomes you at Cairo airport. Transfer to hotel for check-in. 


Day 2 (Friday): Cairo excursion

We start our holiday in Egypt with a tour to the Giza Pyramids and the Sfinx. The pyramids of Cheops, Chefren and Mykerinos are commonly called the Giza Pyramids. They are built approx. 2700-2400 BC. We will enter one of the pyramids before we stop at the view plateau for photos. The tour of the Pyramids ends with the mysterious “Sphinx”, which gives a beautiful view of the three pyramids in the background.

After lunch, we head to the Great Egyptian Museum, to explore the ancient artifacts. The oldest dated back to 3000 BC.  

​Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch


Day 3 (Saturday): Fly Cairo - Luxor
Early breakfast /breakfast box, transportation to the airport for fly to Luxor. There will be a reception and transfer to the cruise ship for embankment. Lunch and dinner on board. The program starts with a visit to Karnak and Luxor temples. Karnak is the largest temple complex in the world. The giant pylons, the wonderful pillar hall with 134 gigantic columns, the Holy Lake, Hatshepsut Obelisk etc. In the distance, we see the restoration project of the southern buildings, and we get an idea of ​​how huge this temple must have been at that time the Pharaohs ruled here. The tour continues to the smaller Luxor Temple, built by Amenofis 3, but his beautiful reliefs, extended Ramses 2 ‘s serious craftsmen. The temple is especially beautiful in the evening of enlightenment.


Day 4 (Sunday): Luxor excursion, sailing Luxor - Edfu
Full board on board (breakfast, lunch and dinner). We get up early today, but it’s a great feeling to wake up to the fresh air in Luxor and gaze across to the West Bank high mountains. We drive south over the bridge to “Death Side”. Here we will visit another higlight: Valley of the Kings. Three tombs are included in our ticket, the tour leader / guide will inform about the graves that they recommend and which are open to the public, and the rules of photography. It runs contrary to the long corridors and enjoying the spectacle of the beautiful reliefs with colors that have remained for over 3,000 years. Here we also find the tomb of Tut Ankh Amon, which can be seen for additional ticket. The tomb is the smallest in the valley, but has great color decorations. (Subject to sudden changes made by the government.) The boat starts sailing southbound, first to the Esna locks where you have a queuing system to get through.


Day 5 (Monday): Sailing Edfu - Kom Ombo - Aswan
Full board on ship. Today we have a visit to Horus Temple in Edfu. The journey from the boat and into the temple only takes a few minutes and we use either horse taxis or buses. Edfu Temple is probably the best preserved of Egypt’s temple complex, due to the late date of construction – temple is “only” 2,200 years old! Here we can see the battle between Horus and Seth in cartoons on temple walls, descriptions of fantastic festivals listed and perfume produced by the old priests, and here we find the first library in the world. After a few hours of sailing south bound, we come to the city that is known for sugar production: Kom Ombo. Here we find the only remaining double temple dedicated to two gods. The temple is small, but lovely where it is situated on the east bank of the Nile, and has been subject to both floods and sand storms. It is well restored and has its own story to tell. This temple served as a hospital in ancient Egypt and is famous for the reliefs of medical instruments and calendar. Then we sail further south to Aswan.


Day 6 (Tuesday): Aswan
Aswan High Dam produce electricity to all of Egypt as well as for export. Opened in 1972, and holds back the artificial Lake Nasser, which flooded with tens temples and made over 100,000 Nubians had to move from their homes.

Isis temple is perhaps the most beautiful of all temples in Egypt, because of its incredible location, quiet and peaceful in the middle between the two dams.


Day 7 (Wednesday): Aswan - Abu Simble
Breakfast and disembarkation from cruise ship. This morning we will transfer by bus to Abu Simbel (or by aircraft if there is availability). Embarkation the Lake Nasser Cruise. Lunch and dinner on board. We will visit Ramses 2’s stunning temple. The sight of Ramses 2. carved right out of the mountains, is an unimaginable experience. The temples are the biggest temple moved by UNESCO – in fact it´s a huge rock. Inside we find colors and reliefs in unimaginably good condition, where Ramses showing all his achievements. Alongside stands the Temple of his favorite wife Nefertari. The boat is sailing northbound.


Day 8 (Thursday): Sailing Abu Simble - Kasr Ibrim - Amada
​​Full board on ship. The boat stops at Kasr Ibrim for guiding from the boat. It is not possible to visit the small temple. Then stop for a visit to Amada temple. The Temple of Amada, the oldest Egyptian temple in Nubia, was first constructed by pharaoh Thutmose 3. of the 18th dynasty and dedicated to Amun and Re-Horakhty.His son and successor, Amenhotep 2. continued the decoration. During the Amarna period, Akhenaten had the name Amun destroyed throughout the temple but this was later restored by Seti 1. of Egypt’s 19th dynasty. The stelas of the Viceroys of Kush, Heqanakht and Messuy and that of Chancellor Bay describe their building activities under respectively Ramesses II, Merneptah and Siptah.


Day 9 (Friday): Sailing Wadi Seboa - Aswan
Full board on ship. Visit to Wadi Seboua temple area and Kalabsha by Aswan High Dam. The temple known as Wadi el-Seboua, means Valley of the Lions, and was built by Seti, Viceroy of Kush (Nubia) in honour of Rames II in the later part of his reign. It is dedicated to Amun and Ra. The interior has many fine reliefs. There are 2 colossi of Ramses, one upright, one fallen. The original location was 2 Km South-East before the flooding of the area. Kalabsha temple was first built by Amenofis 2. around 1450 BC. Dedicated to the God Mandulis. Rebuilt by Augustus around 20 B.C.


Day 10 (Saturday): Aswan - your choice of Aswan/Luxor/Hurghada/Cairo
After breakfast - check out from the boat and check in hotel. Representative our help and transportation is included. The last 5 nights can be optional in either Aswan, Luxor (then there will be a bus transfer, Hurghada (bus transfer) or Cairo (when it becomes fly the same day)


Day 11 (Sunday): Stay in Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada or Cairo with breakfast

Day 12 (Monday): Stay in Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada or Cairo with breakfast

Day 13 (Tuesday): Stay in Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada or Cairo with breakfast

Day 14 (Wednesday): Stay in Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada or Cairo with breakfast

Day 15 (Thursday): Final Departure
After breakfast Check-out from hotel and bid farewell to Egypt this time. There will be transportation to the airport to fly to Cairo, for those who have been in Aswan, Luxor and Hurghada / transfer to Cairo airport for those who have been to Cairo. You will assisted by our representatives all the way.


From $1,650 Per Person in Double Occupancy for Program Only
Additional $350 in Single Occupancy
A minimum of 2 persons is required to book the same tour on same departure date.

  • 2 nights hotel Pyramids Park Resort Cairo or similar with breakfast

  • 4 nights 1st class Nile cruise with Full Board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

  • 3 nights 1st class Lake Nasser cruise with Full Board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

  • 5 nights at your own choice in either Aswan (Isis island hotel with breakfast), Luxor (Mercure Karnak hotel),  Hurghada (Sonesta Pharaoh Resort All Inclusive ) or Cairo (Pyramids Park Resort with breakfast)

  • All transfers from/to airport-hotel-cruise

  • Domestic flights Cairo-Luxor / Luxor or Hurghada Cairo ( depending on you choice of the last five nights)

  • Transfer from Aswan to Hurghada with a standard mini bus with needed facility (Approx 6 hours)


Required addition:

  • Visa to Egypt $25

  • Other additions:

  • Your flight from USA to Egypt. Consult us for the best offer.

  • Excursions

  • Tips

  • Drinks at cruise

  • Travel Insurance


Tour Price: $1,899 per person in shared double room (twin)

Single room supplement: $750

Departure Dates: Tour starts in Cairo every Thursday.

Departure from your home city in United States must be Wednesday.

(It it also possible to add on days before and/or after the tour)

Mandatory Extras:

  • Visa to Egypt: $32 per person

  •  Flight from home city in the US to Cairo (ranges from $1,000-2,000 depending on traveling season and location of departure)


Optional Extras:

  • Tut Ankh Amon Tomb

  • Entrance Inside the Giza Pyramids 

  •  Gratitude

  • Drinks on cruises

  • Drink to lunches in Cairo

  • Travel Insurance